Parent Role Description

The Need for Parents

As a parent, you give your children many good things.  Perhaps the most important gift you can give them is a real commitment to teaching them good character values.  Your attitude toward activities like Character GPS is likely to have a strong influence on their response.  And in the long run, what could be more important than the character values that will help them make good choices, avoid negative behaviors and live a successful life?

The Opportunity for Parents

You have the opportunity to have a life changing impact on your children at a critical time in their development!  Your participation in Character GPS could be powerful in helping your children to believe in themselves and to choose to pursue a positive and bright future.  Your concern helps them to be accountable and to persist in implementing their “Action Plans” that are part of the program.

Another great benefit of sharing this experience as a parent is that you will gain a new common language with your child in which to discuss his or her character development.  In addition, you will be equipped with a toolkit to provide further guidance to your child as he or she makes crucial life choices.

The Parent Commitment

Please commit to working with your child during the complete 8-week process.  Since you see your children every day, you are best able to observe the improvements in your children, such as a boost in their self-esteem.  We want you to help send the message to them that they are priceless and thus worth the time being invested in them.  This is one of the key themes of the program to help heal and change these children’s hearts from the inside out.

Parent Responsibilities

1. Receive the PARENT Toolkit explaining your role and responsibilities.   Contact us if you have further questions, and we’ll be happy to answer.

2. During each week, ask your children to share with you what they learned that week, and review their Weekly Journal Log Sheet, encouraging them to follow their action plan to apply that learning in their lives that very week. Then complete the short Parent Weekly Review sheet to tell us what you understand their action plan to be, and answer the three questions at the bottom. We will use your feedback along with the Mentors' feedback to track your child's progress.

3. Come to the final "Graduation Celebration Party" to share in congratulating your children and to hear them share what they got out of the program and what their goals are going forward with their lives.


View a sample Parent Weekly Review Sheet here.