Mentor Role Description

The Mentoring Need

Children today are in desperate need of good role models and loving guidance.  They are hungry for this kind of relationship.  You need not be a professional educator, but rather a person of good character who is willing to help a child participate in the program.

The Mentoring Opportunity

You can have a life changing impact on a child who might be at risk and going through a crucial time in his or her development!  Your involvement as a caring adult is powerful in helping children to believe in themselves and to choose to pursue a positive and bright future.  Your concern helps them to be accountable and to persist in implementing their “Action Plans” that are part of the program.

The Mentoring Commitment

Children need to see adults that follow through on their commitments, so Mentors must be involved for the complete 8-week process.  This helps in building trusting relationships and lifts the self-esteem of these children.  We want to send the message that they are priceless and thus worth the time being invested in them.  This is one of the key themes of the program to help heal and change children’s hearts from the inside out.

Mentor Responsibilities

1. Receive the Mentor Toolkit explaining the role and responsibilities, and attend the orientation meeting.

2. During your regular "Face-to-Face" with your "mentee" at the school (approximately 30 minutes each session), ask him or her to share with you what was learned that week, and help complete the Weekly Journey Log Sheet, encouraging your mentee to follow the action plan to apply that learning that very week. Then complete the short Mentor Weekly Review sheet to tell us what you understand the child’s action plan to be, and answer the three questions at the bottom. We will use your feedback along with the Parents to track your child's progress.

3. Come to the final "Graduation Celebration Party" to share in congratulating the students and to hear them share what they got out of the program and what their goals are going forward with their lives.


Vew a sample Mentor Weekly Review Sheet here.