Character GPS Speakers

Anyone who runs a school understands that very few outside speakers can teach, motivate and inspire an entire student body.  But that is what Character GPS tries to do.  Effectiveness as a speaker requires challenging the status quo, breaking old thought patterns, getting free from limiting beliefs and shifting into new paradigms.

Presentations by Character GPS speakers are customizable to meet the character development needs of your school.  Whether you’re seeking to focus on a specific topic, round out a series you’ve already developed, or simply reinforce other programs, Character GPS works with you to come up with relevant, entertaining and fun content that accomplishes your goals.  With more than 40 years of experience in teaching, coaching and mentoring kids, Character GPS speakers are experts at customizing content for your school’s needs, while staying relevant, entertaining and worthy of an A+.

Character GPS speakers do what it takes to get the attention of students, often incorporating references to pop culture or relevant movie clips.  Targeting elementary, middle and high schools, our speakers deliver a fresh, thought-provoking perspective on the natural consequences of a person’s character values, whether good or bad.  Students learn the practical results achieved by using life skills and practicing values like respect, self-control, courage, generosity and love.  Students realize that character matters and that success is a result of goal setting and commitment.