Learning Process Steps and Objectives

Character GPS workshops are divided into eight sessions, each representing an important discovery step in the process of building character to change lives.  For each process step below, overall learning outcomes are defined.  It is from this framework that the Adventure Roadmap for the workshop is created.

Our character development process is based on the belief that to achieve success in life, any individual must discover the following: personal responsibility for self, the value of purpose, the existence of their talents, a compelling personal vision, the need for self-discipline, the role of relationships and the essential skill of collaboration.

1. Discovering your responsibility for your life Students learn to believe that they are capable of responding proactively to daily life challenges as leaders of their own lives.
2. Discovering initiative to pursue life purpose Students learn to take initiative with a “Can Do” attitude in all their daily life challenges.
3. Discovering who you are & your giftedness Students demonstrate their self-worth through self-respect, pursuing productive uses for their talents that will bring them lasting happiness & satisfaction.
4. Discovering a Vision for your path in life Students learn how to envision their desired future and create goals to achieve them.
5. Discovering self-management: Time, Temptation & Treasure Students learn how to proactively design and follow their plan to use time & finances wisely allowing them to say “No” to temptations for immediate gratification.
6. Discovering meaningful relationships Students commit to growing healthy, mutually beneficial, and satisfying relationships.
7. Discovering teamwork & collaboration Students desire to look for and join productive teams as a valuable contributor to accomplish shared goals.
8. Discovering your future Students will review lessons to build confidence in themselves and their future through the Graduation.