Why Young People Need Character GPS

Societal Issues Eroding Character Values

For decades now, wave after wave of changes in technology and entertainment have brought an escalating and unrelenting barrage of powerful, negative media messages that have undermined the development of character values in our children.  This onslaught of unfiltered influence has produced real behavior issues in schools to the point of severely undermining the learning process and endangering the opportunity of many children to live successful lives.

With the help of educators, Character GPS has identified ten negative behaviors in schools that which interfere with learning and block the path to a successful life:

  • Bullying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Fights/Violence
  • Apathy to Learning
  • Disrespect of Authority
  • Disrespect of Each Other
  • Addictions
  • Lying
  • Low Self Respect

Parents and teachers strive valiantly to counter all the negative influences, but in this unprecedented environment, our children need all the expert character training and guidance they can get.  Character GPS is here to bolster the efforts of parents and schools and fill in the gaps so that more children can win the struggle to develop good character.

Character GPS workshops are uniquely helpful for the following reasons:

  • They are dedicated times when children can become focused on character development.
  • A series of activities is used to guide children through a specified learning process.
  • The program focuses on the adoption of specific, universal character values.
  • The character values are not to be merely understood, but also applied.
  • The curriculum uses the full range of learning modalities to involve head, heart and hands in the learning process.
  • Children are equipped to define their success in life and achieve their own goals.

Character GPS Workshops

Character GPS workshops are designed to engage students in well planned activities that work together to help students understand character values, their application in real life, and their consequences.  The goal is to create truly life changing experiences for our youth.

Learning character values can be a lot of fun!  To make a difference, we believe Character GPS must capture the interest of young people and engage them in experiences that make the many advantages of good character self-evident.  Then, real learning takes place.  Students can change from the inside out.  So, the experiences programmed into Character GPS workshops are designed to engage.  Activities include movie clips, video shorts, themed music, demonstrations, role plays, problem-solving, small group activities and more.

Character GPS Adventure Workshops involve students at their school over an eight week period.  Each weekly session is a complete learning module designed to teach character values like courage, self-respect, self-control, creativity, goal setting and appreciation.

So far, the student response to these workshops has been remarkable.  Learn more about how students engage with the workshops…